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We are experts in the field of online gambling online as well as at Zimpler betting. We help our users to find all the information available about Zimpler betting sites. One of our goals is to provide the user with the best deals from bookmakers that accept Zimpler. In addition to all of this, we also show our visitors how Zimpler works and how to make deposits.

Further, we have provided a list of advantages and disadvantages of Zimpler sportsbooks to help get a better idea of how wonderful this payment method is for online gambling. With all of this information, we hope that you can easily and quickly find the right bookmaker to suit your needs and desires for playing online.

  • We review Zimpler betting sites
  • We teach you how to make a deposit/withdrawal with Zimpler in sportsbooks
  • Walk you through the benefits and cons of Zimpler
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List of betting sites that accept Zimpler deposits

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Zimpler betting sites – the ultimate guide to betting

zimpler betting sites full guide

Zimpler was founded in 2012 in Sweden with a mission to provide companies with an account-to-account payment solution. They became licensed by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen) and are available throughout most of Europe. Now, they are expanding to other parts of the world as well like Canada.

Zimpler is a payment solution that makes it easy for users to offer as well as take advantage of quick and easy ways for incoming and outgoing payment transfers. This has been a great addition to sports betting site banking options. Gamblers and bettors alike can benefit from Zimpler’s easy, fast, and secure nature.

Due to the reliability and convenience that this payment solution offers, players can be confident while making online transactions whether that’s from their desktop or mobile device. That said, Zimpler makes it effortless for both the sportsbook itself and for the users of those betting sites. It’s truly a win-win situation.

One of the biggest benefits of Zimpler betting sites over other payment methods is that more times than not, it’s accepted in many sportsbooks, casinos or poker rooms for bonus deposits. Players can also take advantage of the fact that with Zimpler they can manage their bankroll which will help set limits and stay within their gambling budget.

It’s our mission to test and review all bookmakers. After we’ve finished reviewing these sites, we list only the very best ones.

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What you need to know about Zimpler betting

Zimpler is an easy online payment option that allows you to deposit instantly and withdraw quickly as well as instantly. It’s one of the easiest, most secure and most convenient payment methods. With Zimpler, players can add funds to all the leading online betting sites that are mentioned on this page.

Furthermore, because of its convenient accessibility, Zimpler can be used with mobile betting and desktop gambling. Another great feature of Zimpler is that you can choose the currency to deal in but, you can change the currency at any time. Therefore, not only is this method convenient and super accessible, but it’s also hassle-free which is ideal for online bettors.

Betting sites that offer Zimpler as a payment option make the process simple and easy to use.

And so, when you’re ready to make a deposit, all you have to do is select the option as your preferred payment method. You’ll then need to enter your mobile phone number. Then you can select your desired deposit amount and you’ll see the funds in your account immediately so you can start betting or whatever else you like!

Additional impressive benefits of Zimpler are that you can choose payments between credit cards, bank transfers, and bills.

Also, you can save your card details on your Zimpler account making transactions even quicker. Your Zimpler account will be registered as KYC right away which means you can avoid filling out long forms every time, saving you more time while gambling.

If you are to have any issues with your Zimpler account, you can be sure that the customer service team is extremely efficient and can help you in any way necessary.

  • easy
  • convenient
  • secure
  • safe

Can I trust Zimpler betting sites?

More and more bookmakers are accepting this payment method because of its trusting nature. Zimpler has gained the market’s trust after its impressive performance. When Zimpler brings in a new client to use their payment platform, they perform a proper background check and KYC of the client firstly, to guarantee that they can be trusted and are legitimate. If they don’t pass its checking process, Zimpler will decline to offer its services to them.

That’s how you know this company can be trusted because it has full measures in place to ensure that its payment method is being used only with reliable sources. Additionally, Zimpler uses the latest encryption to ensure that all transactions remain private and secure. All that said, you can be sure that Zimpler sportsbooks can be trusted.

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Is Zimpler betting legal?

Betting with Zimpler in Canada and at Zimpler sites is completely legal. Zimpler was founded in 2012 by a Swedish company and is approved by the financial services authority of Sweden which makes it a reliable and legitimate payment method for online gambling that has gained popularity through the years.

Further, it doesn’t matter if you’d prefer to bet with your mobile device or on your desktop while using your Zimpler account because any method is safe and secure.

Canadian players that use Zimpler can enjoy a wide range of impressive active bonus options, exciting games, and more at the top rated betting sites that accepts Zimpler. 

Depositing at Betting Sites that Accept Zimpler

The process of depositing with Zimpler is straightforward and becomes easier and easier each time. When a bettor in Canada wants to make a direct online deposit into their betting account while online gambling, they need to follow these simple steps:

Bettors that would like an easier time depositing into their favourite online betting site can easily and freely connect their Zimpler accounts with their bank accounts.

There are many benefits of depositing with Zimpler such as a top-grade security system, mobile responsiveness, and instant deposits. Instant deposits are convenient for any type of gambler who wishes to wager instantly, which we are sure is every gambler in Canada.

And the security of Zimpler is top-notch as they use SSL encryption to secure users’ transactions and data. Lastly, players bettors can easily use their mobile devices to make deposits with Zimpler and expect a smooth experience while doing so.

How to withdraw from Zimpler bookmakers?

Withdrawing with Zimpler is also just as efficient as it is to deposit with this payment method. It’s always a secure, fast, and reliable method to choose. Below are the steps that bettors in Canada should follow to withdraw payments using Zimpler:

The daily deposit limit and withdrawal limits with Zimpler will vary from one betting site to another. Therefore, this is out of Zimpler’s hands and fully up to the determination of the best betting sites out there. However, what’s more, is that withdrawals with Zimpler are instant, which is an appeal because bettors don’t have to wait hours or days to receive their well-earned cash. 

Zimpler bookmakers

Zimpler is gaining popularity as an alternative payment method among bookmakers because it has many appealing qualities. It’s trustworthy, reliable, and secure, all of which make it a great payment method for online transactions at your sports betting websites of choice. What sets Zimpler apart from the other popular payment methods available is the fact that it caters specifically to online gamblers while offering features that can help you set your monthly spending budget and more.

  • trustworthy
  • reliable
  • secure

Therefore, bookmakers offer gamblers a safe and secure payment provider that offers quick deposits, all of which can be done from your mobile device. Also, with its added special features, Zimpler can help you to control your bankroll while also being licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) providing an added level of credibility. With Zimpler, online gaming and mobile gaming have been amplified even more with its cost-effective and convenient platform!

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Advantages of Zimpler Sports Betting

Zimpler provides security for users by keeping their Zimpler funds separate from their bank details without committing to complete anonymity, which can sometimes make life hard for casino operators. Further, Zimpler is known for its speed, reliability, security, convenience, and cost. Not only are Zimpler transactions speedy, but the process of opening an account with Zimpler is very simple making it as quick and efficient as possible. As for its reliability, Zimpler has built a great reputation since being first established in 2012.

Behind Zimpler stands some financial banking giants like Capital, Revolut, Lendify, and more. Further, the product is fully licensed by the Swedish Financial Authority. Additionally, the security of Zimpler is unparalleled with measures in place to protect both the end-users and gaming operators with added KYC practices.

Convenience and cost are two other big advantages of this payment method. Zimpler doesn’t cost users any fees for using it as a payment method, as it should be. If there is ever a fee attached to a Zimpler payment method, it’s not from Zimpler themselves but from your chosen bank. And as for the convenience, anywhere that this payment method is available is convenient because you only need to create an account once and then make your online transactions from any device that can occur within minutes.

To recap, the biggest advantages of this payment option at the best Zimpler betting websites are:

SpeedReliabilitySecure Payment Method
ConvenienceCostMobile payments available

Disadvantages of Zimpler Sports Betting

Like anything else, Zimpler has many advantages, but it may also have some disadvantages which are highlighted in this section. The main disadvantage of Zimpler is that currently, depending on the online bookmaker, there may be a small fee that comes with this online payment method. But, more often than not, most sites won’t require a fee for using Zimpler. Another disadvantage of Zimpler is that there isn’t an app.

This can be a frustration for some bettors especially if they are used to using payment methods that are directly processed with an app. Something else to consider with Zimpler is that when creating an account with them, there’s a security measure in place that requires you to manually input your card details. Although a slight annoyance, this isn’t uncommon among online payment methods.

With all that said, the biggest disadvantages of Zimpler are:

Potential fees (from banks, not the bookmakers, or Zimpler)Does not have an appCard information must be added manually

Best Zimpler bookmakers

best zimpler bookmakers
In this section, we have highlighted a list of the best Zimpler bookies below. Here you can read about the various payment methods available at these bookmaker sites as well as Welcome Bonuses and deposit bonus offers that can be claimed by new player accounts. 

Once you're an existing player, you can also take advantage of ongoing promotions like free bets. Before we jump into it, we'd like to remind you to always read the full t cs to ensure you understand how the bonus works.

Read more about the top sites below:

1. Quick.bet
2. Dolly Casino
3. Insta.win


quickbet logo
Casino the number one best bookie because the site offers an enormous range of gambling entertainment, reliable casino payment methods including Zimpler, and a user-friendly website. Futher, fast registration and instant deposits are what makes this casino stand out. Full t cs do apply.



Dolly Casino

dolly casino logo
This Zimpler casino has an appealing and fun aesthetic which is a major plus. Further, visitors of DollyCasino can enjoy top-notch games from leading software giants. And, making deposits here couldn’t be easier with payment methods like Zimpler. Also, after registering for an account here and making your very first deposit, new players can claim their 100% up to $750 Welcome Bonus. Full t cs do apply.




insta win logo
Insta.win is a modern Zimpler bookie that offers Canadian gamblers sports betting, virtual sports options, live casino games, live betting and other online casino options. This site has everything under one roof along with safe and easy payment methods like Zimpler. Read through the full t cs.



Zimpler fees

When it comes to betting with Zimpler, at all the best sports betting websites, there aren’t any fees when you make a minimum deposit or the maximum deposit. However, banks may impose some fees on transactions when linking a card or an account.

As a whole, the Zimpler payment method is quick and easy to set up which will only require a few of your personal and banking details. It will also send an SMS every time a transaction occurs allowing players to limit and review any transactions that have been made. Additionally, you will be notified of any potential fees from your bank. You can also always reach out to the customer support team at the best Zimpler sportsbooks or the Zimpler company itself for more information.


It’s no surprise that users want the fastest and easiest way to make safe and secure payments online. As technology continues to evolve in all aspects within all industries including the gambling industry, the best sportsbooks will provide a range of trustworthy payment methods including new and improved options like Zimpler for betting fun.

After reading this page, we are sure that you have come to see that Zimpler is a safe online payment method used for speedy deposits and withdrawals at Zimpler online casinos and bookmaker sites. The best part is that you can make secure payments from your desktop but also with your mobile device. Many of the best Zimpler betting sites are accessible via mobile making it an appealing option for online gambling.

To conclude, Zimpler is an ideal payment method for bettors in Canada seeking a flawless gambling experience!

Zimpler betting FAQs

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