How to spot casino payment scams?

scams casino how to spot

Online casinos and gambling platforms are essentially digital wallets, so processing payment means potential for losses there, too. And as an online gambler, it’s important to be able to spot any places where casino payment scams may happen or be a big part of the casino’s success.

Of course, casino payment scams can work both ways and some casino payment scams from the players side that casinos should look out for are:

Stolen credit cards – Fraudsters can use stolen card information to top up their casino account. They then use illegitimate money to score some wins.

Chargebacks This happens after fraudsters have already topped up their casino account. They can then request a chargeback from their banking or credit card provider, which means getting refunded at the online gambling provider’s expense.

Phone top-up abuse If you’re online casino offers options for phone top-ups, fraudsters can trick victims into funding their accounts for them. They can do this with standard social engineering and phishing methods to target unsuspecting users and ask them to make a phone payment.  

Transparency and fairness

Now for the aspects that players need to look out for in online casino habits. Most reputable online casinos are fair, honest, and transparent about the way that they do business as well as the host of payment methods they offer. However, there’s always a rotten egg here and there which is why it’s important to spot any casino or payment scams at online casinos.


Scams to look for at online casinos

Here’s a list of things to look for at online casinos before committing to being a loyal member of them. Make sure to read through these points and look for them at the potential casino sites you’re interested in to save yourself from potential casino payment scams.

Games are not fair

The games available at an online casino should be random for them to be fair. A casino payment scam might use games that are not random nor fair to rip off their games and alter them in a manner that gives the casino the advantage.

Non-payment behaviors

This is when a casino won’t pay the player their winnings for one reason or another. In the online casino business, there are legitimate reasons for which a player won’t get paid like not fulfilling the terms of a bonus offer or abusing promotional offers. But a casino payment scam will use these types of reasons as an excuse for not paying the player, even if there isn’t any proof of the player being in the wrong. Instead, the player will be accused to stall payment with hopes of tiring out the player.

Changing terms

This is a majorly sneaky way that online casinos try to commit payment scams. They will change their terms in an instant on an as-needed basis. This can happen when they are in a dispute with a player over something they say the player’s done wrong but hasn’t really. For the casino to support their argument, they’ll change the terms to match what they are saying.

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Oliver Wilson